Photos by Barry Z Levine (Official Photographer of The Woodstock Film), Written by Linanne Sackett, Foreword by Wavy Gravy

Photos by Barry Z Levine (Official Photographer of The Woodstock Film), Written by Linanne Sackett, Foreword by Wavy Gravy

THE WOODSTOCK STORY eBOOK celebrates the 50th

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Here we are, fifty years after Woodstock.  We’ve just published THE WOODSTOCK STORY eBOOK, a Woodstock 50th Collectible.   “The Woodstock Story eBook” brings the hard-cover coffee table book to life with hundreds of active links to the celebrities, their lives, stories and music.  Now you can be virtually there, to share this piece of American history and to preserve it with your own collectible copy.  It examines the spirit of Woodstock today, with first-hand observations by me as the Still Photographer on the Film “Woodstock.” The film, by Warner Bros. won an Academy Award® for “Best Documentary Film” in 1970 and later in 1996, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”   This collectible eBook, written by my wife, Linanne G. Sackett, is the most complete compendium for all those who attended Woodstock, for all who wish they could have been there, and for all who want to better understand the impact of the Woodstock Generation in today’s parallel world.   It’s being sold on, Apple iBooks and being distributed across the country and the world by PGW of Ingram.

Our coffee table hard cover version, the basis for the expanded ebook version, received rave reviews from many individuals and reviewers. “The authors have created an intimate time capsule… an incredible all-access pass to the music and art fair that came to be known solely as Woodstock…Because Woodstock is told through a collage of photos, song lyrics and rhyming text, it also has a homespun scrapbook vibe, which feels right for recounting a personal communal experience… the peace and love essence of Woodstock rings out loud and clear and like Sly and the Family Stone ‘taking them higher’ here the authors likewise reach for the sky.” -Kirkus Reviews

Woodstock: Fifty Years After

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Barry Z. LevineIt’s hard to believe that 50 years have passed since those days in August when 500,000 of us gathered in Max Yasgur’s field to celebrate our music, our bodies, our beliefs, and our lives.

Certainly much has changed for me.  Back then I was a bead-wearing, pot-smoking, long-haired hippie.  And now look!  What time hath wroth.

As this is written, I’ve published, along with my lover, a 154 page hard cover book, The Woodstock Story Book and recently the eBook version, The Woodstock Story eBook, an account in photographs and text of those wonderful days, and I invite you all to check them out on Amazon or at my website,  It was clear to me, even as it was going on, that Woodstock was a special event, one that couldn’t be duplicated.  So my experiences were from the point of view of an on-stage photographer.  Those in the audience had a totally different point of view.  So let me know what you saw and felt.  And ask me any questions you might have.  I’ll do my best to answer all.