Photos by Barry Z Levine,Still Photographer on the Warner Bros. Academy Award winning Film, Woodstock), Written by Linanne Sackett, Foreword by Wavy Gravy

Photos by Barry Z Levine,Still Photographer on the Warner Bros. Academy Award winning Film, Woodstock), Written by Linanne Sackett, Foreword by Wavy Gravy


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The Woodstock Story eBook

The Woodstock Story eBook

Here we are, fifty years after Woodstock.  We’ve just published THE WOODSTOCK STORY eBOOK, a Woodstock 50th Collectible.   “The Woodstock Story eBook” brings the hard-cover coffee table book to life with hundreds of active links to the celebrities, their lives, stories and music.  Now you can be virtually there, to share this piece of American history and to preserve it with your own collectible copy.  It examines the spirit of Woodstock today, with first-hand observations by me as the Still Photographer on the Film “Woodstock.” The film, by Warner Bros. won an Academy Award® for “Best Documentary Film” in 1970 and later in 1996, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”  We’ve also published THE CAMERAMEN OF  WOODSTOCK –  behind the scenes of the film on its 50th Anniversary. These collectible eBooks, written by  my wife, Linanne G. Sackett, are the most complete compendium for all those who attended Woodstock, for all who wish they could have been there, and for all who want to better understand the impact of the Woodstock Generation in today’s parallel world.   They’re being sold on

Our coffee table hard cover version, the basis for the expanded ebook version, received rave reviews from many individuals and reviewers, including many news channels and Kirkus Reviews at left. Along with a foreword by the Woodstock Clown Prince, Wavy Gravy, these books contain many exceptional photographs of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, the Who, Joe Cocker, Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez, The Band, Sly and the Family Stone, John Sebastian, Ten Years After, The Incredible String Band, Tim Hardin, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and many more captured through the lens of a festival insider.  This rare volume is a must have for anyone who was at Woodstock, wish they had been, or for anyone wanting a bird’s eye view of a great historical event of the 60’s.

About the Photographer/Author

As part of the Academy Award® winning “Woodstock” documentary team, still photographer Barry Z Levine captured it all by arriving days before the crowd, when the site was still a grassy cow pasture and continuing to photograph long after the last of them had departed. Levine took so many pictures that he had blisters on his index finger and thumb from clicking the shutter and advancing the film. He captured the three world-famous days in August 1969, when 500,000 people spontaneously gathered for a happening like nothing before or since. Peace and love, aromatic smoke and the sounds of the greatest rock n roll show wafted through the air to become the legendary event that’s never been duplicated. Fifty years later, Woodstock is still celebrated for the spirit it represents. It’s questionable whether the event can ever be repeated.

Barry Z Levine’s photographs have been included in several US and European television documentaries and books celebrating the 2009 anniversary including “Woodstock: Three Days That Rocked the World” as well as the re-release of the Academy Award-winning film ““Woodstock.” His color photos are featured in Barbara Kopple’s documentary film “Woodstock Now and Then” and in WDR’s “Woodstock Wie der Mythos entstand.” His photos are included in and on several collectible editions including “Woodstock Remembered” and “Woodstock ’69: The First Festival.”

His photos have been featured in books and on album covers, in international newspapers and magazines, on postage stamps, and have been on international tour at museums and galleries. His photographs are available through this website and Getty images.  The 50th anniversary found his photos in TV documentaries, books and media events across the United States and Europe.

Levine was honored as the “Celebrated Artist” of Italy’s 2009 Biografilm celebration in Rome, Milan, and Bologna. His photographs of Woodstock were displayed on gigantic billboards in the three major Italian cities, on major sports arenas and on the outside and inside of trolleys and buses thus creating a virtual Woodstock Village.

In addition to photography, Levine has worked as a writer/producer in advertising and film, video, and theatrical production and was the director of a video production studio in New York City. He has been a long-time independent political activist and is one of the founders of The All-Stars Project, one of the largest and most successful anti-violence programs for urban youth.

Linanne G. Sackett, Ph.D. author of The Woodstock Story eBook, is a former cowpuncher, beauty queen, drag race champion, early childhood educator, realtor, eleven county economic development Executive Director, and college Academic VP. She was working with Head Start parents in an inner city in the summer of 1969 and wrote an award winning family finance series of articles at the 5th grade reading level for immigrants and non-English speaking adults.  She has has grown into a dyed-in-the-wool “Woody.” A mother and grandmother, she received an International Business Award as a leader of a high performance learning team that worked for 20 years at 26 colleges & universities across six NE states in concert with a major corporation. Today, she is a judge for Stevie International Business Awards in Technology and Management, and serves as President of the Brunswick Institute and Sackett Foundation.

Levine and Sackett met on-line, fell in love, and  married. They live on the beach in Florida.

Text by Linanne G. Sackett
Photographs by Barry Z Levine
JUNE 30, 2009
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$35.00 Hardcover
10.5″ x 10.5″ – 176 pp
ISBN: 978-0-615-28523-8